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This system is mounted on a 6DOF Motion System - for the MotionSim1 units, We use the zero maintenance, well proven and ultra reliable W6s. This motion system produces a super smooth high fidelity response to give you ALL the important cues when performing flight training. This unit is true full motion - true 6 degree of freedom.
It comes with high force digital control loading with linked trims essentially identical to the larger MotionSim5 devices. For the first time, a flying school or aero club can actually teach genuine flying skills in a simulator, instead of only IFR procedures. The MotionSim1 is a most valuable tool.
Also comes with reliable LED or LCD panel visuals spanning across 3 displays and offering a true perspective correct visual field of 150° horizontal x 30° vertical for the pilot. The visuals are perspective correct and horizon correct, not requiring pilots to look "up" at the horizon, but realistically "out of the window" instead, to allow for positive learning outcomes, and to efficiently train pilots in visual procedures.

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