Shipping Policies – Custom Orders

Shipping Policy - Custom Orders

Rich Boys Toys Inc. contracts with an in house 3rd party shipper/freight service. Clients are free to use a carrier/service of their choice after the build/product is ready for shipment.

Shipping takes place after final payment is received and project is ready to ship.

Payment for all shipping charges and related transportation costs are the responsibility of the client.

Shipment Delivery Times:

Domestic (delivery within the USA):
7-14 days from shipment date

International - (delivery outside the USA):
30-60 days (plus 7 days for custom clearance at country of destination)

Shipping cost:

Generally calculated after project is ready to ship, depends on size, weight of shipment, distance of transport and final delivery destination.

Unless otherwise agreed, all shipments are FOB Origin. Title and risk pass to the buyer at the moment the seller delivers the product/goods to the carrier.




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